Mot du ministre

There are universal notions that we all share, so it is with justice, safeguarding order and harmony.

 Justice must be impartial, independent and transparent, especially in countries where community or tribal influence can have an impact. Justice protected from these influences is a challenge facing judges.

 It is also a public service and must meet the requirements of speed, quality and efficiency that citizens expect from it.

 We have begun to modernize our justice to better meet the needs of our fellow citizens, We have listened to their grievances and that is why we have implemented the automation of justice, to reduce the slowness so often decried and to better follow the affairs.

We have reformed the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure, our country becomes a commercial hub and the legislation must follow this evolution, All these efforts are made to make our justice accessible and reliable, only in this way we can earn the esteem and confidence of our fellow citizens.

We want the advent of egalitarian justice, guaranteeing the equality of citizens between themselves and before the law.

The creation of this website responds to these concerns, it is an information and communication portal for the general public so that the organization of justice and that of the courts are better known to our fellow citizens, but also for a better dissemination of the law.

 I am therefore pleased to welcome you to this site, which I hope will answer your questions and your expectations.




M. Moumin Ahmed Cheick